Efficiency at Its Best: How Modular Buildings Enhance Warehouse Operations

A modular grey modular building in a warehouse in Asheville.

In the world of warehousing and logistics, efficiency and flexibility are key to success. One innovative solution that has gained popularity over the years is the use of modular buildings. These versatile structures offer numerous benefits that can significantly enhance warehouse operations. At Indoff Inc., we provide the right solutions to problems faced in the […]

What to Know About Pallet Rack Repair

A before and after image of a pallet rack repair kit in Asheville.

For any warehouse of any industry, pallet racks are integral to the success and efficiency of a business. Used to keep products and materials organized, a proper pallet rack will allow you to optimally store items safely and securely. Meanwhile, a damaged pallet rack reduces the amount of storage space with the added danger of […]

7 Uses for Modular Buildings

A modular building in a warehouse in Asheville.

If you’re looking for a quick, efficient, cost-effective building solution, consider a modular building. Modular buildings are pre-built structures constructed in a controlled environment. Depending on your needs, you can choose between stock, semi-custom, or fully custom modular buildings. In addition to housing and other traditional modular building uses, there are many other situations where […]

Modular vs. Stick-Built Construction: Which Is Best For Your Business? Part 2

In last month’s blog, we highlighted the differences between modular construction and stick-built construction. Today, we’d like to dive further into this topic and provide even more information regarding the benefits of modular construction in industrial warehouses. If you need modular construction services, look no further than Indoff, Inc.!  Strong Construction One misconception of modular […]

Modular vs. Stick-Built Construction: Which Is Best For Your Business? Part 1

In the manufacturing and warehousing business, the name of the game is efficiency and fit. Are your systems maximizing the space and energy you have at your disposal? Is your staff organized to be as efficient as possible? These are some of the most obvious questions you’ll need to consider, but you should also consider […]

Looking For A New Workbench? Here’s What To Look For

Need A New Workbench? Here’s What To Look For The humble workbench or workstation has gone through many iterations throughout the years. One of the things that we feel makes the human experience so special is that we have a talent for creation, and the modern workstation is a big part of that.  For laborers, […]

Material Handling & COVID-19: How The Virus Is Bending Industry 

An industrial worker driving a forklift in a warehouse

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit a resurgence, especially in the U.S., the realm of material handling has been thrown into an unusual flux. This industry, like many others, was already shifting and changing before the pandemic but now has hit further setbacks and shifts.  With unclear directions from the federal government and a mix […]