Modular vs. Stick-Built Construction: Which Is Best For Your Business? Part 1


In the manufacturing and warehousing business, the name of the game is efficiency and fit. Are your systems maximizing the space and energy you have at your disposal? Is your staff organized to be as efficient as possible? These are some of the most obvious questions you’ll need to consider, but you should also consider this when building or expanding the working space as well. 

When it comes to building structures inside your warehouse or manufacturing hub, there are two broad options: modular and stick-built construction. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics of each and help you decide which is best for your business. 

Modular vs. Stick-Built Construction: The Basics

First, let’s start with basic definitions and concepts. Modular construction—from brands like Panel Built—involves the use of interchangeable, pre-built modules or components that can easily be connected and disassembled. These components can easily be modified and exchanged to form new structures or be added to pre-existing structures. 

Stick-built—or conventional construction—entails the more common approach to construction wherein all elements are purpose-built to a particular configuration. This is how most structures are made in all types of construction. Stick-built structures are built on-site, rather than in a factory and shipped to the site like with modular construction. 

Between the two types, modular construction is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity and investment, quickly becoming a favorite among factory and warehouse owners and designers. But why is modular construction gaining traction among commercial property owners and builders? 

The Benefits of Modular Construction

So modular building is taking warehouses, factories, and manufacturing hubs by storm, but why? Here are just some of the reasons why owners are making the switch to modular construction: 

Initial Cost 

Because the components of modular construction are created in a factory instead of on-site, you can save money due to the ease of manufacture. Factoring in time and reduced complexity, among other factors, it becomes a very economical decision. 

Potential Tax Savings

Did you know that, in some cases, modular buildings can actually provide tax savings over stick building? This works because, in certain circumstances, modular buildings are considered “equipment” and can depreciate differently than a conventional building. This is highly dependent on a number of factors, however, so it is best to consult your tax expert about your situation. 

Fewer Materials & Mess

Conventional construction, even when done by a good team, can lead to excess materials and mess being strewn about. Not only can this be a hazard in the short term, but it can also cost more because of increased downtime and cleanup costs. 

Much Lower Labor Costs 

Since modular buildings typically only need one team to fully build, the time savings and greatly reduced complexity can lead to much lower labor costs. Conventional construction, by contrast, may need several tradesmen like glazers, painters, carpenters, and others to fully complete the project. Some owners have seen 50% or greater labor cost reductions! 

A crew of workers installing a modular building inside of a warehouse.

Height & Storage Options

Our modular buildings don’t have to just be small, one-story offices. They can be two stories with many other options. For instance, they can have a load-bearing roof for storage with a handrail around the perimeter of the roof. We can also provide stairs to the 2nd floor or to the roof. Our buildings are able to accommodate nearly any function that a stick-built structure can provide. 

Explore The Magic Of Modular Construction With Indoff, Inc.! 

This is just a handful of benefits modular construction can provide. In fact, our upcoming blog will delve into even more benefits! It can be hard to believe how impactful modular construction is becoming in commercial and industrial construction. 

With countless successful structures nationally and internationally, the proof is easy to see. To learn more about Panel-Built modular construction and how it can serve your business, contact our team today!

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