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The right dock plates and equipment are necessary in order to safely and efficiently load and unload materials. Many accidents and delays occur when trailers or shipping containers are being loaded or unloaded, so the proper equipment is paramount to a good operation and a successful warehouse. Indoff, Inc. offers a variety of proven loading dock equipment to enhance your loading and unloading potential. From helping plan and design your dock to final installation and inspection, our team can assist you every step of the way.

Why Choose Indoff, Inc. For Your Loading Dock Needs

When it comes to all things warehousing, Indoff, Inc. has spent years providing the very best in equipment quality and satisfaction. Through years of experience and dozens of proven partners in manufacturing, we are confident we can help you with your loading dock needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so every step of our process is built around your needs for success.

Our Available Docking Equipment Products


Proper guarding equipment can greatly ensure employees and materials are kept safe and on track. This includes items like guard railing, pallet rack safety netting, harnesses, bollards, floor tape, and much more. Guarding equipment can both provide safety and direction, which are key to an efficient workflow. 

Yard Ramps

Yard ramps are portable metal ramps with wheels and curbs on them. They are placed behind a truck or next to a railcar so that personnel can safely unload goods to the ground level or load goods onto the truck/railcar. Yard ramps can come in different angles and lengths to best accommodate your team and needs. 

Dock Plates

Dock plates, also referred to as dock boards, are portable plates that bridge the gap between shipping containers or trailers and your loading dock. This allows loads to be moved safely and effectively over obstacles like curbs and dock gaps. Not only do these simple devices provide safe passage for goods, but they are also relatively cheap compared to other options.

Dock Seal

Many Industries Require Loading Dock Equipment

Since most industries need to take in or send out materials or products at some point, nearly all sectors of warehousing and manufacturing can benefit from solid loading dock equipment and procedures. The full spectrum of industries will, at some point, need materials loaded and unloaded at specified junctions, which is where our services come into play.

How Loading Equipment Improves Efficiency and Safety

Anyone who has worked in a warehouse can attest to how much physical and precarious activity is involved on a daily basis. In the interests of both efficiency and safety, having supporting equipment is highly recommended. By incorporating durable, proven docking equipment into your operation, you can improve your bottom line and the safety of employees.

Our Process

To utilize our loading dock equipment services, simply give us a call and describe the equipment you need or the goals you seek to reach with us. We will then source the exact materials that you need while providing a detailed implementation plan if need be. Once you are satisfied with our initial planning, we will then order the equipment and install the equipment if necessary.

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Dock plates and other kinds of loading equipment provide simple solutions to complex problems. To order the loading equipment your warehouse needs or to have your questions answered in-depth, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us today!