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In more industries than one, modular building is becoming more and more popular as a great way to save time, space, and resources. This is certainly reflected in warehousing as well, with many modular building configurations offering cost-effective and reliable benefits. At Indoff, Inc., we offer a variety of modular construction options to fit the needs of warehouses across the country. From small mezzanines to high-tech cleanrooms, our team at Indoff, Inc. can add the necessary components to help you succeed.

In-Plant Offices

In-plant offices are fantastic for staying in-tune with daily operations while having a separate area to handle other crucial warehousing needs. Below are just some of the benefits you can expect from adding an in-plant office into your warehouse or plant:

Improved Communication

In-plant offices are incredibly useful when it comes to communication and cohesiveness among all elements of the warehouse. 

Simple Warehouse Expansion

An in-plant office is also an affordable, efficient way to expand your warehouse. Not only is initial installation often much easier than other options, but they can be modified as business ebbs and flows.

Low Installation Time

As stated earlier, the low installation time is a major reason why in-plant offices are so useful. A quick expansion in business can easily be accommodated with a quick office addition. 


Lastly, the in-plant offices we design and install are incredibly cost-effective compared to other options. Considering both the short and long-term, it’s hard to beat the overall benefits that our in-plant offices provide for your warehouse.

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Steel Mezzanines

Another simple yet effective modular offering that we provide is steel mezzanines. A steel mezzanine is a partial level in your warehouse that sits between the ground floor and roof. Mezzanines do not extend across the entire floor; rather, they will sit over a certain area of the ground floor. 

Benefits of Mezzanines

The main purpose of steel mezzanines is to utilize height as a dimension for more storage or office space, while still leaving room underneath for storage. By building up instead of out, you can cheaply increase your workspace.


Lastly, we offer design, installation, and maintenance services for warehouse cleanrooms as well. As the name suggests, cleanrooms are controlled environments where potential pollutants like aerosol particles, microbes, and dust are all filtered out. Cleanrooms can be classified based on the level of contamination they allow, with certain industries needing higher standards than others. 

How Cleanrooms Work

Cleanrooms work by channeling outside air into the filter system (HEPA or ULPA), where it is then clean and decontaminated. Once the outside air has been treated by the filter system, it is then channeled into the cleanroom.

Cleanroom Benefits

Cleanrooms are most important in manufacturing applications where airborne contaminants can easily affect the products being produced. In areas like healthcare and electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms are actually very important to maintaining consistency in the supply of goods.

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