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The Best Choice for Dry Environments

Chrome wire shelving is a great shelving solution for countless industries. Indoff, Inc. has partnered with some of the best chrome wire shelving manufacturers in order to distribute their products across the country. Whether you’re here in North Carolina or across the country, we can provide you with a wide range of chrome wire shelving options. We can help you get parts and customizable choices to best fit your needs as a business. Our team can provide you with starter kits, stationary and mobile units, add-ons, and individual chrome shelves.
Wire Shelving

Why Chrome?

Chrome is a standard finish used on millions of products. Many wire shelving uses chrome because of its durability and long-lasting capability. As such, it’s the perfect choice for dry environment shelving. We have access to the largest inventory of chrome wire shelving and accessories to fit your business needs.

Chrome wire shelving is easy to handle, set up, and move without the need for tools. All of the shelving comes with the components necessary to set up your shelving and get to work. We have steel shelving units in numerous sizes and configurations to choose from. Our available options cover everything you could need from industrial storage, heavy-duty and freestanding shelves, and replacement shelving racks. No matter your situation or what industry you’re part of, we can find the suitable sizes that fit your shelving demands!

Wire Shelving
Wire Shelving

Why Go The Indoff Way

At Indoff, Inc., we offer you much more than just shelves. Not only do we have a vast and diverse inventory that allows us to provide unique styles and sizes, but you will also receive the care and attention you deserve.

We know that adding materials to your business means you need something long-lasting and made with quality. Our dedication is to provide you with material handling solutions that can cover your entire business from ergonomic options, shelving, wire cages, and so much more!

Start Stacking Your Chrome Wire Shelves Today!

If you have any questions about our chrome wire shelving or anything else we carry in our inventory, give us a call. We work with every client on a personal level so that we can help execute your vision and needs. Our team will help you find the best options for your industry and ensure that you are taken care of in every way possible. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your business!