Modular vs. Stick-Built Construction: Which Is Best For Your Business? Part 2

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In last month’s blog, we highlighted the differences between modular construction and stick-built construction. Today, we’d like to dive further into this topic and provide even more information regarding the benefits of modular construction in industrial warehouses. If you need modular construction services, look no further than Indoff, Inc.! 

Strong Construction

One misconception of modular building is that build quality and strength are compromised compared to stick-built construction but this is false. Our Panel-Built modular structures feature 1/2” thick vinyl-covered gypsum on both sides with a polystyrene core. Also, many wall options such as steel skin on either side or Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Our team can also address any special considerations such as sound requirements or a dusty environment.

Easy Reuse, Relocation, and Redesign

Another major benefit of modular construction is that our components are 100% reusable. With conventional stick-built construction, the building is mostly unable to be moved to another location. Additions to stick-built buildings can also be challenging, but adding to a modular building simply means adding new panels. 

With modular construction, however, components can easily be disassembled, relocated to a new location, and put back in the same or a new configuration. A wall panel can be swapped with a door panel in a matter of minutes, for instance. This allows small and large firms alike to customize and retain the assets they invested in even if they need to move to a new location. 

Ease Of Wiring & HVAC Installation

Anyone who has worked on a stick-built construction will know that wiring can be a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. With modular construction, though, wiring and HVAC are much easier. Our team provides the building with complete wiring for lights, light switches, and outlets. Also, we can include the HVAC unit that is mounted in the wall that plugs into our modular wiring.

All of our plug & play modular wiring is run back to our provided breaker panel, which the customer can then mount and connect to the main power source. Not only does this save time, but it also saves a considerable amount of money when compared to field wiring. 

Fewer Disruptions

Since the initial construction and customization processes are very quick, modular construction minimizes disruptions to your overall operation. Each minute an area of your factory or warehouse is shut down can cost money, so modular construction is a must to keep the disruptions minimal. 

Consistent Quality 

Lastly, modular construction ensures consistent quality. This is because each panel that leaves the factory goes through a quality assurance process to ensure it works as intended. Each panel is built to exact specifications each and every time, leaving out much of the error and guesswork associated with conventional building practices. 

While many stick-built projects are well made, it largely depends on the crew(s) on the project. Even if one subcontractor is good, another may cut corners, compromising the entire project. Modular construction doesn’t suffer this weakness and comes with robust 10-year warranties. 

Choose Indoff, Inc. for All Your Modular Construction Needs!

As you can see, modular construction boasts quite a few benefits for industrial warehouses. Simply put, the modular option far outweighs stick-built construction. Reap the rewards and take your warehouse to the next level, today! Contact our team to learn more about Panel-Built modular construction and how it can serve your business. We can’t wait to show you just how beneficial modular construction can be.

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