7 Uses for Modular Buildings

A modular building in a warehouse in Asheville.

If you’re looking for a quick, efficient, cost-effective building solution, consider a modular building. Modular buildings are pre-built structures constructed in a controlled environment. Depending on your needs, you can choose between stock, semi-custom, or fully custom modular buildings. In addition to housing and other traditional modular building uses, there are many other situations where a modular building might be perfect for you.23

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Quick Ship Offices 

A modular building is the way to go if you own a growing company and need a quick office space solution to match your growth. Indoff can create a small to midsize office space that you can quickly and easily add inside your existing building. This option is often faster, easier, cheaper, and cleaner than turning your office into a construction zone. 

Modular Office Space 

In addition to small, individual offices, we also offer multiple modular office options that you can add to the inside of your existing building. Whether you need a long row of ground-level offices or a multi-level office building, we can design something to match your needs. As with quick ship offices, modular office spaces are quicker, cheaper, and less hassle than building new offices from scratch.  

Cleanrooms and Isolation Rooms 

Thanks to advancements in modular building construction, you can now use modular buildings as cleanrooms and isolation rooms. A modular building is perfect whether you have a laboratory, medical facility, or another business where you need a cleanroom or the option to isolate something or someone. Each modular cleanroom and isolation room gets built to the industry standard to ensure you and your employees stay safe in the workplace. 

Security Booths

Whether you need a mobile or stationary security booth, consider using a modular building. Mobile security booths are great when you only need temporary security, whereas a stationary security booth is great for neighborhoods, businesses, and military bases. 

Pre-Fabricated Restrooms

Another use for modular buildings that is growing in popularity is using them as restrooms. A modular building is a perfect solution when you need a small to mid-size restroom. We make it as easy as possible to tie your plumbing and electricity to our modular building, often saving time and money. 

Whether you require a standalone building for an exterior restroom or want to add restrooms inside a new construction, contact us for a quote and to learn more. 

Guard and Tactical Towers

Along with the many traditional uses for modular buildings, there are also a few non-traditional uses. For instance, you can get prefabricated towers instead of prefabricated buildings. These towers often get used as guard towers for military, prison, or security use. You can also use them for tactical training, hunting, and shooting or as an observation post.  

Equipment Enclosure 

Finally, modular buildings make the perfect storage solution when you need a secure, climate-controlled equipment enclosure. You can use a modular building in this manner for your home or business for all your storage needs. You can also add lights, electricity, and heating and cooling when you require a climate-controlled environment. 

Who to Contact for Your Modular Building Needs 

If a modular building is the solution you’ve been looking for, we’re here to help. Indoff Inc. is an industry leader in custom and non-custom modular units and can construct any modular building to meet your needs. From modular offices, cleanrooms, and isolation rooms, to security booths and equipment enclosures, Indoff is your modular building specialist. Contact us online or call (828) 483-6402 to learn more.

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