Scissor Lift Tables: Power, Lift Capacity, Performance, & Safety

Mobile scissor lift tables by Bishamon from Indoff Inc

In part 1 of our scissor lift tables series, we went over the basics of scissor lift tables and the various industries that you can see them in. But scissor lift table manufacturers produce myriad designs to accommodate the different applications they will be used in.  In part two of our scissor lift tables series, […]

What Is The General Use Of Scissor Lift Tables?

Bishamon scissor lift tables offered by Indoff

It is no secret that working in manufacturing and warehousing is associated with certain risks. Though these spaces have become safer over the years, they can still be a leading industry for workplace hazards and injuries. However, certain tools can mitigate these risks while boosting productivity, and one such tool to do this is scissor […]