Scissor Lift Tables: Power, Lift Capacity, Performance, & Safety

Mobile scissor lift tables by Bishamon from Indoff Inc

In part 1 of our scissor lift tables series, we went over the basics of scissor lift tables and the various industries that you can see them in. But scissor lift table manufacturers produce myriad designs to accommodate the different applications they will be used in. 

In part two of our scissor lift tables series, we go over the specifics of the lift tables we offer here at Indoff, Inc. and how each type can benefit your business! 

How Are Scissor Lift Tables Powered?

The first major way scissor lift tables are distinguished is how they are powered. The way your lift table is powered can affect performance, cost, and utility in a variety of ways. 

Below is a brief overview of the main power types for scissor lift tables: 

  • Hydraulic: Most scissor lift tables utilize simple hydraulic mechanisms powered with electricity to raise and lower the table. This is achieved by forcing hydraulic fluid in and out of a cylinder to move the table. This is a reliable and easy-to-operate design with great power, which is why it is the most common type of lift table.
  • Pneumatic: Instead of using a power source or oils/lubricants, pneumatic lift tables use air compression to produce force. Since there are no electrical or hydraulic components, pneumatic lifts are great for environments like beverage and food manufacturing, cleanrooms, or a paint booth.
  • Manual: Manual scissor lift tables are the simplest kind of lift table, using mechanisms like cranks, screws, or pumps to move the table. These lift tables are worker-powered via a foot pedal or by hand and can be mobile or static. 

Lift Capacity & Performance


  • Electric hydraulic lift tables come in multiple configurations, ranging from a 2,000 lb capacity to 5,000 lbs and heavier. This allows your workers to have the utmost confidence as they complete daily tasks. 
  • For very low profile needs, we have models that feature a lowered height as low as 2.9 in for smaller lift capacity and 4.3 in. for the highest capacity low profile models. 
  • In terms of travel distance, our hydraulic lifts can travel anywhere from 18 in. to around 40 in. and even more travel with a double scissor configuration. depending on the model. The tables themselves can be rectangular, square, or round to better accommodate your needs. 

Manual & Electric

  • Our manual, electric, and air-hydraulic lift tables come in both mobile and static lift configurations and range in lift capacity from 330 lbs to over 1,700 lbs. A small to moderate lifting capacity while allowing for mobility can make injuries less likely and the business more productive. Our mobile lifts specifically feature high-quality casters, wheels, and caster brakes. 
  • Static options benefit from a wide range of table sizes with accommodations for stability and ease of use. 
  • These types of lift tables feature a lowered height as low as 5.0 in and a raised height as high as 54.25 in. Some models can accommodate a whopping 45 in. in table travel distance.


  • As stated above, our pneumatic lift tables use shop air for moving the table. Along with having a standard table option, pneumatic tables can be equipped with a rotating platform as well. This feature reduces the need for workers to position around or across the lift which further minimizes strain and injury potential. Rotating platforms are commonly used to position pallets but have a variety of applications. 
  • Our pneumatic lifts can be moved 20 inches in height on average and have a capacity of 1,700 lbs. at 100 psi. 

If you’re unsure which type of scissor lift table is best for your business, get in touch with our team at 828-483-6402.

Scissor Lift Table Safety

Indoff, Inc. works with the highest grade lift table supplier in the world in Bishamon, one of our top suppliers depending on the application. Bishamon has a proven background in efficiency, safety, and build quality. In terms of safety, our lift tables meet or exceed ANSI MH29.1-2012 which dictates safety requirements for scissor lifts. Our hydraulic lifts also come equipped with flow-limiting safety valves and safety bellow skirts for safe descent in the event of hydraulic failure. 

Additionally, you can expect elements like rounded platform corners and entrapped scissor rollers, which reduce further enhance safety and stability. Each model of lift table features intuitive controls to reduce the possibility of misuse. Our static options can also be placed in a pit or have a full perimeter electric toe guard to reduce injury risk. 

Across the entire product line, you will benefit from smooth movement and yellow-coated maintenance bars for safety. Each lift table is forged with top-quality structural steel that has a strong powder or enamel finish. Our lift tables fit in well in the full spectrum of commercial and industrial environments. 

Overall, our lift tables simply come with a clean, accessible design that will last through all kinds of commercial and industrial tasks. 

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