Different Types of Bluff Yard Ramps

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There are many different ways to load and unload items, from trucks and trailer beds to warehouse loading and docking facilities. However, in most cases, loading and warehousing professionals turn to bluff yard ramps for all their loading needs. Bluff yard ramps are some of the best, most durable, and most versatile loading ramps in the industry, and there are many different types of ramps to accommodate various needs. 

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Steel Yard Ramp 

The steel yard ramp is the most common type of bluff yard ramp. It features a straightforward steel construction designed to handle up to 100,000 pounds, depending on the type of ramp you need. Steel yard ramps are designed to run from a doorway or loading dock to ground level. No matter what you’re loading or unloading, this is the most all-encompassing loading ramp in the industry. 

Portable Steel Yard Ramp 

If there’s one potential disadvantage of the traditional steel yard ramp, it’s that it isn’t portable because of how hefty it is. Therefore, if you need a steel yard ramp that you can move around and that’s perfect for running from a trailer bed to ground level, the portable steel yard ramp is for you. This solid steel ramp can handle up to 60,000 pounds depending on your needs. Both the portable and non-portable steel yard ramps also include safety chains to ensure the ramp doesn’t detach from the loading dock or trailer. 

Steel Yard Ramp With Casters 

If you value versatility and mobility above all else, consider purchasing a steel ramp with casters. These highly durable ramps are made of solid steel but come with casters to move the ramp from place to place. The casters are also adjustable, so you can connect them to docks, railcars, or trailers between heights of 42 to 59 inches. While steel ramps with casters are more mobile and are built differently than other bluff yard ramps, they can handle up to 60,000 pounds. 

High Capacity Steel Yard Ramp 

As the name implies, the high-capacity steel yard ramp is second to none in strength and durability. This massive loading ramp is designed to go from a loading dock or doorway to ground level and is available in widths of up to 12 feet. Because they can support up to 100,000 pounds, high-capacity steel yard ramps are ideal for handling cars, heavy machinery, and other equipment. 

Mini Bluff Yard Ramp 

Don’t let the name of this ramp fool you. Even though it’s known as the mini bluff yard ramp, it can support over 30,000 pounds, depending on the ramp you purchase. Though miniature compared to other bluff yard ramps, the Mini is available in lengths of up to 18 feet and widths of up to 7 feet. It’s ideal when you need a hefty loading ramp in a tight space. Additionally, you can also choose a portable version of the mini bluff yard ramp if you need mobility as well as compactness.  

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