4 Tips To Improve Your Loading Dock’s Safety & Performance

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If you have worked in a commercial warehouse or plant, you may know how important quality docking is. The ability to quickly and safely load and unload cargo is a major key to success for many commercial companies, but many companies lack in this area. The good news is that loading dock performance and safety can be improved by following a few simple tips. loading dock equipment

If you are looking to make your loading dock operation smoother and more productive, our team at Indoff can help. Check out this blog for our best loading dock tips, and contact our office today for premium loading dock equipment and services! 

Common Hazards & Loading Dock Issues

Statistically, loading docks are responsible for a sizeable amount of issues in commercial and industrial settings. Many things can go wrong, like damaged cargo, injury, and even fatal accidents. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 25% of all warehouse accidents happen during loading or unloading processes. 

Issues in these areas lead to inefficiency and dangerous conditions that could harm the business and the people who make it run. 

Unresolved issues in your loading dock could lead to any one of the following accidents: 

  • Worker falling off the dock 
  • Worker sliding off the dock (from rain, ice, etc.)
  • Injuries from lifting 
  • Premature departure 
  • Unsecured loads

To save your business and workers from potential mishaps, try implementing the following tips for your own loading dock. 

Tips For Improving Your Loading Dock

1) Consider A Renovation

Loading dock issues tend to stem from simply not having the right space or capacity for the business. This is common when a business moves to a new location or when seasonal surges in demand occur. Goods can “bottleneck” when there’s high traffic, leading to congestion and a higher risk of mistakes and injury. 

Sub-optimal loading dock space can be helped with remedies like new equipment as well, but you should consider expanding the space if your issues are severe. 

2) Review OSHA Requirements 

Loading docks in the U.S. are subject to guidelines by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) because they can be so dangerous. In the early days of trucking and industrial commerce, many accidents would be caused by companies’ lack of proper safety standards. Today, OSHA provides federal standards that businesses must follow to improve health outcomes for workers. 

OSHA has specific guidelines for forklifts, guardrails, protective equipment, and much more. It is important to ensure your loading dock meets OSHA regulations to guard against injury and potential lawsuits. Many of these regulations even bolster productivity in the long run by preventing injuries that keep workers away for weeks or months. 

3) Invest In Quality Loading Dock Equipment 

Our third major tip to improve your loading dock is to invest in the right equipment. Each dock may have similar equipment, but the quality of your equipment can play a major difference. 

Our team at Indoff only supplies high-quality loading dock equipment for commercial and industrial clientele. Below is a small list of loading dock equipment we have available: 

  • Yard ramps
  • Guard railing 
  • Pallet rack safety netting 
  • Harnesses
  • Floor tape
  • Bollards
  • Dock plates
  • Ergonomic equipment 

Some of the equipment listed above is required for OSHA compliance, while others are not. When you contact our team, we can help you find which equipment you need and can deliver and install it. 

4) Keep Your Dock Clean And Well Lit

Our last and simplest tip for running a safe and efficient dock is to keep it clean and well-lit. The reason for this is obvious: a dark space with a dirty floor is a prime area for mishaps. Even without injuries, the space will likely be less efficient because workers can’t easily navigate their surroundings. 

To fulfill this tip, simply schedule regular quality cleanings of your loading dock. You can also encourage your employees to keep the space clean as well. Lastly, have extra natural or artificial light in your loading dock so employees can see properly. 

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